Everything about Macujo method

Drug tests have become commonplace while companies hire and some of them even require periodic testing in the workplace. Marijuana use is fairly common as well as legal for medical purposes in many parts of the US as well as the world but these tests can detect marijuana use and still ruin your job opportunities as well as career. So, people try to find ways to get around such tests and the Macujo method is one way of getting past a hair follicle drug test and it has been around for quite a long time with a lot of positive review coming from users. This method works if either the user applied the Aloe rid detox shampoo (the older version) or the user was already going to pass because of the light user loophole.

The Macujo method is a seven step hair cleaning procedure with the first and possibly hardest step being to stop using marijuana until after the test results are back. The second step is to wet the hair preferably using warm water. Dampening the hair is good enough and it should not be soaking wet. After that, work Heinz vinegar into the scalp and hair and massage it into the scalp properly. The next step needs the person to add Clean and Clear to the water and vinegar mixture already atop their heads and massage it thoroughly. The fifth step is to let the mixture in hair sit for about half an hour. Next, you need to wash the mixture out of your hair using Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo and rinse until it is completely clean. The final step needs you to wash your hair using Tide liquid laundry detergent but be careful that the detergent should not go into your eyes. After that, repeat these steps until you get confident that your hair is clean.

As strange as it is, the Macujo method has a good record of success over a decade and many people have reported that it is more effective if repeated a few times before going the test (usually repeating it about 5 times is recommended). The good thing about this method is that it is easily doable at home. Every ingredient needed can be bought from your local supermarket and it is affordable, easy and effective.