FAQ About 408 Visa for COVID 19

Due to COVID 19, no one can enter Australia except permanent residency and citizenship holders. If you are one of them, then you can get back to your home in Australia, otherwise, there is no chance. To get more information, you must read this article carefully.

A temporary Activity (subclass 408 Australian Government Endorsed Event (AGEE) stream) visa only available to currently employed or expected to be employed in essential sectors. Individuals whose visa is going to be expired and they have to leave are barred from lodging an application under this category of visas. However, if you have a visa extension and are unable to leave Australia as a result of the SC 408 pandemic of COVID-19, then you will be able to maintain your position in Australia. In some cases, an individual may get permission to prolong his stay and to obtain job rights limited to essential industries.

If you are struggling to know about COVID 19 visa, you must read this article and get information about a 408 visa.

Frequently asked question 408 visa. 

Question 1: I already have a tourist visa, but don’t have work permission. Do I am eligible for a 408 visa instead of another tourist?

Answer-: The requirement for COVID-19 stream 408 is that the person will try to stay in Australia, only if he has the ability to conduct research specifically relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is completely important that you follow the application with convincing proof when you are going to apply for a COVID-19 visa with a non-work-related visa. You can also apply under this category if you have a skill set that is extremely applicable to a critical sector or a critical sector employer who is specifically willing to apply for a visa offer. If you need any type of assistance to lodge your COVID-19 visa, please talk to our migration agent.

Question 2: My existing Work Visa is going to expire; will I apply for a 408 visa instead of a Visitor Visa?

Answer-: Well, a visitor does not allow you to work in Australia, so, you must apply for a 408 visa, as it could be a safer choice. Additionally, depending on your existing passport, you will have to pay a $700 and a $1.32% Immigration Credit Card surcharge. It is completely necessary for you because you are applying for a COVID-19 visa without a right to work.

Question 3-: My Graduate Visa expires shortly. May I be eligible to apply for a new Graduate Visa?

Answer: You will only apply for a Graduate Visa once as the primary applicant. However, if you are already working in the relevant field, only then you may be able to apply for a 408 visa.

Question 4-: What are the essential sectors to work?

Answer-: Australia has not really identified key sectors and resources, but New Zealand, for example, defines key sectors including-:

  • Accommodation
  • Building and construction
  • Courts, tribunals and the justice system
  • Education
  • Fast-moving consumer goods
  • Financial services
  • Health
  • Local and national government
  • Home Affairs and Foreign government
  • Primary industries, including food and beverage production and processing
  • public safety and national security
  • Science
  • Social services
  • Transport and logistics
  • Utilities and communications, including supply chains

Only after getting proper knowledge about this visa category, you try to apply. Otherwise, you may get visa rejection or refusal from the Department of home affairs and border protection.