Since times immemorial movies have been the widest choice of entertainment for millions of us.  One can never imagine a day when the entertainment industry will close the screening of movies.  Movies have been a popular source of entertainment as they cater to all age groups.  There is a wide range of variety in movies.  It is up to the choice of the individual whether to watch old classics, tales driven by romance, action-filled packs, serious melodramatic tragedies or comedies that set you rolling on the floor laughing away to glory or scary and haunted ghost tales. Visit to get started.

Times have really changed in terms of viewing a movie.   Gone are the times when a movie was screened only for a week’s duration, and if we missed it we miss it forever.  These dramatic changes have taken place in the film industry with the advent of technology.   These changes have been a real boon for many of the passionate and enthusiastic viewers.  Impact of technology is very evident in the way we access and watch movies.


Present scenario of work and culture is such that everyone is running short of time.  It is a herculean task to plan something in advance and execute.  Every individual on this planet has the “Doraemon” gadgets to make life easy and smooth.  All one requires is a “Genie” – THE INTERNET CONNECTION.  Once the Genie is with you, your wish is his command.  The gadget is the magic lamp of Aladdin, and the genie appears as you press a button.

Once again there are numerous service providers floating in the market offering services at throwaway prices.  With this, there has been a soar in the purchase of devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and iPhones, etc.

All this has brought a change in the viewing of films.  Today’s public is happier and comfortable to download and watch a movie of their choice at their convenience.  Also, the place of viewing is not a constraint anymore.  We can watch a movie anywhere and everywhere be it an airport, railway station, train, bus, airplane, bus stop, barber shop, pan shop, etc.

The ultimate pleasure people derive is from the fact that they can download without spending a penny from their pockets.  They have access to the latest stuff in the world of entertainment.  The biggest advantage is the flexibility to pause and get back as per one’s schedule and requirements.



Some of the popular and well-known reasons for the surge in online viewing are that there are recommendations for other viewers to help in the choice/selection.  There is free Wi-Fi at most of the public places, and this gives uninterrupted net connectivity.  Moreover, there is no limitation on the content to be downloaded.  It is seen as a popular strategy by youngsters to maintain pockets full of money.  It is a legal practice as many sites are authorized to list the free download versions of a movie.

The icing on the cake that adds more value to this trend of online movie streaming is that it saves “time” – the most precious of everything in life.