Where to learn the basics of SEO? The Right Steps

Optimizing content to be search engine friendly and positioning the page high in search results is one of the most important skills of a freelancer. Of course, it’s not just SEO specialists who are professionally involved in optimizing existing pages and content to improve their display. Basic knowledge about the selection and use of keywords is also important for copywriters who provide content to online stores, websites and company blogs. You also make a visit to for all supports.

The ability to optimize entries is also useful for freelancers who maintain their portfolio on the author’s website and want to ensure that it is clearly visible or reflect on the use of AdWords advertising.

SEO courses for beginners

Even if you do not have the ambition to become an “SEO-nin”, basic optimization knowledge can bring you a lot of benefits. This applies especially to full-time freelancers who, in addition to executing orders for clients, also deal with the marketing of their services.

If you do not have any SEO experience and you do not feel ready to invest large sums in paid courses, check out our list of free sources or relatively cheap courses offered by e-learning platforms.

Google Guide

Knowledge is best at the source, so start with the official Google guide : the largest search engine in the world offers many free materials, guides and tutorials that show how to effectively use the power of keywords. This guide will explain in an easy-to-understand way the nature of SEO in the context of Google search.


This guide has been around for years, and since its publication in the positioning there have been some changes, but when it comes to the basics is still valid.

The 10 positioning chapters explain how search engines work, how the user interacts with the search engine, and why the position in the search results is affected not only by keywords but also by UX, UI and page content.

Search Engine Land Positioning goes hand in hand with marketing activities, so if you want to make better use of the optimization potential in reaching a specific audience and selling your services, check out this guide. 9 chapters approximate both the technical (code and content optimization) basics, as well as the basics of link building and social media presence in terms of SEO.

Udemy – SEO tutorial for beginners

You have to pay for access to most Udemy courses (and it’s worth waiting for seasonal discounts.), However, this beginner’s guide is available at no extra charge. The course includes two articles and nearly three-quarters of video tutorials illustrating the search and selection of keywords. Be sure to check out other suggestions for free SEO courses on Udemy, there are as many as 60.


Knowing the basics of optimization will help you improve the search results of your own website or blog, but also gives you the basics to write better and more effective texts for your clients. There are quite a few courses and tutorials on the market that will give you the basics of SEO. It’s best to start with the Google tutorial, which contains up-to-date tips to optimize content and websites for this most popular search engine in the world.

In addition to Google tips, you can take advantage of free courses on e-learning platforms and knowledge bases created by professionals.