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Candle making is the interesting work of people with a team

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you should create your personal scented candles that you may want to place at home? In this workshop, you get to create your own scented gel candles and even enhance them with stunning colored sand as well as a variety of one of a kind figurines. This is said to be a Corporate Team Building . Participants analyze the techniques of candle making through melting candle wax in accordance with the right temperature range, observed by using designing, putting, and cooling their very own candle creations. Candle Making Workshop is one of the modern-day creative workshops to hit Singapore and is fast gaining popularity. If you’re searching for a creative workshop for your upcoming corporate team building Singapore event, this is an alternative that you don’t prefer to miss.

Leather Crafting is one of the most popular innovative workshops in Singapore 

Corporate Team Building

In The Fun Empire’s Leather Workshop, members get to examine the basics of one of a kind leather-based sorts and properties. After which, they study how to hint and reduce out their own leather-based pieces and finally craft and collect them into stunning leather products that they can take home. Participants get the option of crafting exclusive leather-based items such as coin pouch, key chain, bag tags, and different cool leather-based products. They additionally get to personalize their leather creations by using debossing with their names and initials. If you’re searching for one of the most special teams constructing activities in Singapore, this undertaking is something you need to try during your team bonding with colleagues. Clay Making Workshop is gaining a reputation in Singapore, as you are in a position to create any form of clay figurines you desire. You could create mini collectible figurines of food objects such as cheesecake or macarons, or even popular cool animated film characters such as Angry Birds or Minions. The preferences are unlimited. In this workshop, contributors will get to learn shade mixing using exceptional colored clay to create their desired colors. They will also research simple clay shaping techniques and have hands-on exercises to create their personal clay collectible figurines that they have decided.

Pricing for the clay making workshop packages 

These are very inexpensive and supply fantastic prices as you study a new ability and get to carry home your own clay figurine creations. Singapore is one of the food capitals in the world, and it’s no surprise that Singaporeans love their food. If you’re searching to examine how to cook together with your colleagues, you can choose the Cooking Class at The Fun Empire as one of your corporate crew constructing activities. Participants get to work together to prepare and cook dinner ingredients in an enjoyable and enticing environment. The first-rate section is, at the top of your cooking class, you additionally get to consume and taste the meal that you had cooked together with your team. If meals are something you and your group love, this undertaking is one of the high-quality corporate group building things to do to try. Learn the lovely artwork of flower bouquet making by attending a Flower Arrangement Workshop. Not only does the cease product decorate our surroundings, but however flower arranging also promotes socialization, boosts temper and happiness, and reduces stress. Escape from the anxious work life-style with this pastime and take in the tranquility that comes with growing a flower arrangement.