Best Tire News and the Cars for You

Many car owners devote a lot of time caring for their car – but overlook the tires. It just tires look quickly dirty and get a grey haze with time. But with the right care, they soon “shine” as well as the paint experts show how it’s done. You can visit for the best results.

To increase the gloss of the tires, many drivers use effective gloss sprays or proven home remedies. A tire spray such as Nigrin or Fertan Tire Glaze Cleaner is easy to spray on and effective without reworking due to the active foam. Car cleaning product manufacturers have released a gel that you simply apply with a sponge or a brush. In addition, various home remedies have proven to be effective.

One of them can be found in many refrigerators. Cola is absorbed quickly in the rubber, and even professionals use the drink for tire care. Try it with black or colourless shoe polish. Slightly applied and re-polished, unsightly, grey tires quickly become a thing of the past. The rubbing with lard or a bacon rind provides beautiful tire shine.

All methods are not time-consuming and increase the lifespan of your tires in addition to the visual effect. With regular use, you prevent prematureageing and increase the sales value of the car. Whether you use a home remedy or a tire cleaner: be sure to avoid contact with the tread and brakes.

With beautiful car rims through the year

Even the highest quality rims show signs of contamination after some time. Either they can be eliminated with special rim cleaners from the specialized trade or with a well-known home remedy. Regardless of which remedy you choose, a thorough pre-treatment is recommended. Distribute a little soapy water on the glossy surfaces and leave to soak until stubborn encrustations soften.

It is important that you only treat the car rims with the cleaning agents because rim cleaners contain aggressive ingredients that damage the tires and other car parts. Therefore, the same applies to the wheel care as to the wheel care on the car. Carefully apply the care products with a brush, sponge or rag.

Carefully spray commercially available oven spray on the car rims and wait five minutes before rinsing with water.

Another remedy is toothpaste, which is best applied with an old toothbrush. Then wash the paste off with the rinsed brush and plenty of water.

Many washing stations and gas stations offer a high-pressure cleaner for car washing. Then, after rinsing the aluminium or steel rims with clear water and drying them, the rims will be given an aesthetic finish. The polished steel wheels can be with polishing cotton or rim polish shine dadurch alloy wheels intensive and are also more protected from the elements.

All tire care is no use if you do not store the tires properly. Car tires like it dark, cool and dry. Direct contact with solvents, oils and fats will destroy or affect the tire structure. If you have no storage or care is not trusted many workshops offer this service.