Erectile dysfunction: causes and remedies

With stress and hectic lifestyle, erectile dysfunction these days are common among the men, even before aging. But there is no need to shy away, there are many ways one can take care of this problem. Generally, the treatment for this condition can be started consulting a doctor. However, if you consider not going to the physician then you can try the cream available in the market, but it is advisable to consult the doctor first. There is a long history of treating erectile dysfunction in men. The concerned medicine is very much traditional in the course of Chinese in the time of ruling by emperors. Details are available in

The preparing of the medicine in nativity has almost come to an end around B.C. The treatments for the impotence will be discussed in this article with their concerned ingredients too. The ingredients are extracted from the roots nearly about thousand years and even more. It is recorded in the records of the Egyptian and is documented in the century of sixteenth B.C. Which describes about the medicine for impotence the ingredients will be of hearts of the animals with the combination of wood oil.

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It’s about the functioning of the human organ in their body and their rapid changes including the functional loss are considered normal. About their consequences considered in the process of aging for estimation of the system of endocrine. This specifies the complete levels about the production of testosterone from the cells of the testicle. By accompanying the testosterone level decrease in the erection may decrease their components in the supply of blood. The circulation of the blood to the penis makes the erection under frequently. But the consequence is not observed and those are not at all life-threatening. These cells are not constant; they are in continuous motion when compared with people who are young in the function of erectile. This kind of the deficiency may rouse while maintaining or activity of sex with their partner. The diagnosis will be available for treating these conditions like coronary disease and many more. The erection defect may raise the issue about diabetes Miletus.

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The deficiency of erection dysfunction is considered as an inability for achieving the erection level at full or to maintain the adequate erection when performing the sexual activity. Some other kinds of the dysfunctions of the sex are ejaculation of premature and very low lipid generation may occur. The main malfunctioning in the complete health concepts of the male beings are erection dysfunction only. The men may experience the regular interval basis of the dysfunctions and becomes much frequent with the age of advancing. Results in the medical conditions apart from erection are diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and heart diseases and many more. The disturbance in their conditions of psychological like over anxiety, subjected to depression. This is observed in the patient suffering from erection mostly in senior citizens. The complications in the heart diseases and blood pressure may cause the hardening and narrowing of their arteries connected to the heart. This results in the very low flow of blood to the bodies of the corporal which are very much essential for erection activities achievement.