Facilities Provided At High Rises

The location of high rises makes it an ideal place to stay. With all the facilities at your very doorstep from coffee bars to restaurants and shopping complexes. These are built in such a way that you will be nearer to the place of work or public transportation. These properties now are coming up in areas where people can now have better surroundings in terms of greenery and skyline. Now you find such properties closer to your workplaces and have schools which are nearby too which is an excellent bonus for buying such properties.

What residents can expect

The high rise building always provides excellent parking facilities which are reserved for each individual unit. It is definitely a secured parking space,and you will not have to worry about your vehicle being vandalized or broken into you may get elevated or underground parking depending on the developer and the number of units in the high rise. These dedicated parking spots will not cause any worry,and they are paid for in the utility charges or as part of the price of the unit bought in the high rise. if you have additional vehicles, you can choose to rent other renting spaces.

There are amenities that are very well maintained and well equipped too. The view is excellent as you go to the higher floors you will able to get better pictures. Higher the levels so will be the cost of the unit. There is good security with the patrolling done on the number of gates that are present. With guards on duty day and night. The density of the units in the high rise will give you again crowded spaces and smaller and congested common areas, if you are looking for bigger spaces and exclusivity you will have to pay more. Check the new high rises on

Paying for amenities

If you are looking for less disturbance and less crowded places where a large number of units are housed in a single high rise, you will be facing an unpleasant experience most of the time as you will have to deal with noise and insufficient parking bays etc., to prevent this go to skyscrapers which have limited number of units on a single floor and crowded congested groups make life miserable all that money would be a waste on buying a group where you aren’t happy to live. There is a collection of maintenance fees for the use of those amenities and their upkeep. These amenities include

  • Swimming pool
  • Multiple lifts
  • BBQ areas
  • Terraces
  • Gardens
  • Gyms

These needs to well-maintained with repairs and replacements from time to times as well as the cleaning will need the money from the utility bills that you will have to pay additionally every month. But this all worth it when you make use of them,and these would be nominal charges unlike if you would go to specific places where the registration and fees for joining and using the facilities would be much higher.

There is an association which you would be likely to be part of when you become a resident of the high rise wherein there would be periodic meetings or annual meetings to discuss the maintenance of the property. The association will have bylaws and minutes will note down,and the copy passed to every member for the record. Here issues pertaining the society are discussed at length.