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Learning with joy – a few tips for starting school

For many children today was the first day of school. Armed with a beating heart and a school bag, they have started into a new phase of life. Parents accompany them with hopes, worries and expectations. The first day is something special, everything is new and strange. Will the teachers and other children be nice? Will you find new friends? Everyday life in school is completely different than in kindergarten.

The expectations of the children are different here, as well as their knowledge of the school. Anyone who has siblings usually knows pretty well what to expect. Like the children, the parents have different expectations. Everyone has one thing in common: the hope for a good time. A visit to Best Schools In Charlottesville VA can be perfect.

Allow and promote curiosity Best Schools In Charlottesville VA

One of the best, sometimes annoying, features of children is their curiosity. Children are explorers, have a lot of questions about the world and want to know a lot. Some make it loud, others prefer to keep silent. Some receive patient answers, others are sent away.

Curiosity is the best teacher. Want to know something, try something, and want to learn something. This is how learning makes you happy. It just makes sense, because it is a natural process. It starts with an interesting question, followed by finding the answer. If children succeed in inspiring topics, learning can be a lot of fun.

Why should learning be fun?

It’s simple: that’s how it works. Every experience we make is processed by our brain. Everything that is rated positively becomes easier to remember. The more joy and interest in the game, the stronger the memory traces left by the new information in the brain.

When curiosity is awakened, all you need is the right materials and understandable answers. This is not always possible in our school system with large classes. But this is exactly where parents can support. Ask questions, even if a multiple consecutive why annoying. Then it’s not a problem to say, “We’ll talk about that another time.”

Listen, show interest

Listen to your children when they have something to tell. Not all topics in the school are equally exciting, but in the large variety of topics should be something exciting for everyone at some point. Those who have learned something with interest may also share their knowledge with others.

5 reasons to listen to curious learning:

  • You show your child that it is important to you and you take it seriously as a schoolboy.
  • The memory traces become deeper and the learned is better kept.
  • Perhaps there are more questions that will be voluntarily pursued, perhaps together.
  • Remains the joy of learning.
  • You could learn something yourself.

Do not urge your child to tell something. “How was school?” It can be as annoying a question as the childish “Why?” Here it is sensible to find the right way for every child.

Learning for everyday life

Reading, writing and arithmetic are skills that we need in our daily lives. Therefore, it makes sense to let the children use these skills outside the school. Count, compute and write. In addition, there are many possibilities without having to take special materials into the hand. Use it.