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Personal Loan: How to get the maximum loan with minimum interest

Be aware that an average payroll-deductible personal loan rate is 7%, but banks and lenders charge from 1.42% to 22.19%. Take out a personal loan after researching the rates of financial institutions. For the quick cash option this is the best that you can go for.

Total Effective Cost (CET)

Do not focus only on interest. There are other fees that are included in these credit operations. Always ask for the amount of CET before settling any type of loan.

Get organized

quick cash

If you are thinking of getting a loan means that your financial life is not going well, you have to ask yourself why you have reached this point and do things differently from now on. Always get organized with budgets and lists, so you start stopping spending on what you don’t need and can even make an emergency reservation. The demand for loan without proof of income has become very high these days.

This is because, due to the economic crisis prevailing in the country, many people started to work autonomously. Because of this, they cannot prove their monthly income. Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain a loan without proof of income. Currently there are several lines of credit for those who cannot make this type of proof. But one thing that people need to keep in mind is that the rates and interest on these lines of credit are usually higher. Keep reading posts and understand what types of loans a person without proof of income can make today.

Loan without proof of income: It’s possible?

There are several loan arrangements without proof of income. Check out some of them below:

With warranty (vehicles or real estate)

One of the most popular lines of credit for those unable to prove income is secured. In this case, the applicant may obtain a loan amount of up to 70% of the value of the asset. For example, if he will put his home as collateral that is valued at $ 100,000, he can borrow up to $ 70,000. This is an easier line of credit to obtain. This is because the risk of default is much lower because of the guarantee.


One of the forms of loan without proof of income is the guarantor. In this case, a close person will be willing to provide proof of income or to place collateral so that the applicant has the necessary money. It is the same dynamics of guarantors in the case of property rental.

Online loan

Another way to get loan without proof of income is through the financial institutions that offer online loan. Usually you can quickly know if you have a credit line available or not. However, great care must be taken when making such requests. Besides there are companies that apply interest and abusive fees, there are many malicious people who only collect the applicant data to apply scams. Therefore, before making an online loan the ideal is to consult the Central Bank website. In it you can check all financial institutions that can offer this type of credit line.


If you are a microenterprise you can also opt for microcredit. It is aimed precisely at professionals who want to use money to improve their business. However, while not requiring proof of income, this type of credit line requires the applicant to provide a detailed plan on how the money will be used. In some cases even budgets are required.