Pledge Music: Create, Discover, Drive and Celebrate

It is an innovative way to bring together all the artists and audience in a most beautiful manner which helps the creators to give their best and allows artists to get acknowledged for their performance by digital or physical means. It is like a stage for artists and that place which showcases their freedom of expression like any other event that hosts both artists and audience viewing them performing live. Here every artist is respected with a whole heart and kept all his information confidential without letting the public who they are and whom they belong. Only thing concerned is their talent and albums which arose from creativity and stand to be in the mind of passionate fans that are mad for music. Today one can get to know about the artists as is said in the weather forecast which gives you daily updates of a sunny day and cloudy day using digital and physical spaces across the world.


How does this platform work?

  1. The artist doesn’t need any special tools; they can approach the efficient team on their official site and share their interests which help them to support as well to create best albums and make some space in the world. They get paid for their passion which they had established that sounds beautiful in the ears of the audience.
  2. It not only gives the best support but also lays strong connection between the artist and passionate fans that are reachable all across the world that depends more on online stream, via digital means where they can download or avail the same music in the form of CD/DVD or vinyl sale.
  3. As we get into market place to cater to our needs, in the same manner, an artist has exceptional knowledge, aids, and restricted version collectibles that become part of their life: anyone can stream down the easy passes or tickets to house concerts, view the instruments used in the studio for making the albums and their favorite artist’s masterpiece.
  4. It helps people to learn how to get engaged for real music.It is one of the best ways for exceptional experience the same that is the creation of some artist by giving them an opportunity on this platform. They are hence in the field to give back to the artist as they deserve and in that process, they inspire all the performers on this platform to contribute a proportion of their development funds to the charity of their choice for a noble cause. They firmly believe in continuing this act and from years are doing the same thing.
  5. It is a large community that is passionate for music and has 50,000 artists and more than 3,000,000 passionate fans for the music and shared their unique relationship on social media sites that is strong between artists and fans.


It is a place where artists and fans had developed a strong relationship through their ideas which are exchanged, and nurtured, using their talents and allowed them to get mastered to get passionate fans for liking and to share to get the revenue for their survival. They earn what they had offered to the audience and get paid and supported by the creators and investors directly without any annoying ads or involvement of the third person. Join them to listen to what you love and rate your artist according to their performance.