Process in repairing the collision

Collision repair means repairing the damaged vehicles after an accident like the car, Motorcycle, etc…Suppose vehicle damage is severe means repairs start with the basic structure itself. Collision repair is also called as crash repair. Most of the service centers do the collision repair . First, they analyze the vehicle in which body parts are affected by accident. After analyzing, they will decide to repair the vehicle.

Process of Collision Repair involved in Seven steps:

  • Evaluate
  • Dismantle
  • Mend
  • Enamel the vehicle
  • Reshuffle
  • Testing
  • Handing over


The evaluation process starts with the investigation of our vehicle. Once the investigation will start, the evaluator finds the problem where it will take place on our vehicle.

They will take photos of the vehicle while finishing the paperwork and then producing the investigation result.


collision repair

Once found the problem, the body shop owner will inform to customer and insurance company what are the issues in the damaged vehicle. After they have approved for the repair, the body shop can order the vehicle parts (tools) to repair it.


The repair will start from the body structure of the vehicle. Using tools they will finish the repair work. Sometimes based on the damage, they fit the wheel and some other parts.

Enamel the vehicle:

After finishing the mend work, the enamel work will be started. It is one at the minor step in collision repair. The body shop owner will construct the parts before enamel. This must be in clear coating.


In the reshuffle, the vehicles are returned by modulating (or) molding. The damaged parts were fixed and arranged in the correct order. The parts were fixed in a certain place. The vehicle is ready and informed to the client.


The vehicles are cleaned and the parts are reinstalled. The conditions are correctly checked by the body shop owner. Is there any problem were arrived they find and reassemble the parts. And once again the vehicles were tested for the drive by the body shop owner.

Handing over:

It is the final step in collision repair, in this stage, the body shop owner informed the customer to hand over the vehicles. The body shop owner explained the details about the charge for their work. And it was given by the customer.

Collision repair cost:

In every accident, the collision repair cost was unique. It depends upon the vehicle and the damaged parts. Engine damage, Frame damage, suspension damage, transmission damage comes under the higher cost. Differential damage, axel damage, frame damage, rear frame damage, and Leaking fluids contain less amount.

Tools were used in collision repair: 

Sockets sets, Body tools, Wrench sets, Air tools, Miscellaneous tools, Screwdrivers, Hammer, Painter suit, Paintbrush, Clear face shield, Punches, Chisels, Scrapers, etc.,

Collision repair technicians: 

The collision repair technicians were otherwise known as automotive technicians. The workers were qualified in automobile studies. After finishing their studies first they gave training to them. The training program contains six months, in this training they learned how to modulate the damaged parts. They awarded the certificates for the training program. They developed their skill through this training. After finished their training program the employers were offered for the job.