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The Finer Living Experience in the Hotels

For stays in larger European or world cities and especially in the USA, there is an interesting service of the portal, it is also sold by the popular Expedia website. By default, the search engine sets the location and length of the stay and the search engine offers two options: a standard overview of specific hotels and then the offer of specific hotels in relatively well-defined areas with clearly defined services. For the hotel chamonix this is important now.

This second offer is interesting.

While it is always a risk, a particular hotel server will reveal only after payment, but discounts are very high. The reason is simple, so many hotels are covering their spare capacity and do not have to publicly disclose discount prices in search engines or on their website. Discounts are around 30 to 70 percent of the normal price.

On the Internet, there are discussion forums where users exchange experiences, which hotels in which areas they have acquired, so the offer can be partially revealed in advance.

This system also has its drawbacks.

hotel chamonix

In some regions of the world, the offer is limited to hotels of the highest and highest category, so despite a significant discount, the cheaper hotel cannot be purchased here. The second problem occurs when paying. The system does not know all the names, so it is necessary to enter your own street address, but Germany or the USA as the country. You must enter the correct postal code for a specific foreign city. Which can be traced through Google? There are no problems with this task.

A slightly more complicated system is the Name Your Own Price service on the website, USA. Here you can bargain for the price of the hotel, Priceline promises to save up to 60 percent of the normal price.

Once again, traditionally, the city and the date of stay will be entered. The system will show the possible area’s neighborhoods and for each of them a range of hotels by star rating and quality. Once selected, the box will display the usual price for this category of hotel in the area and it is up to you how much you offer. If the amount is too low, the system will not let you go.

The system is quite complicated.

After entering your credit card information you will see in a moment whether the service has accepted your offer or not. If so, the hotel is yours and the system will reveal it. If not, you can go to the second and subsequent rounds. But be careful, you can not only increase the price, but it is also always necessary to edit one of the categories. Either expand the area or go for a hotel category down. Under the same conditions, it is possible to re-auction the price only after twenty-four hours.

Even with Priceline, discussion forums can be found on the Internet to help identify hotels in the cities and show the usual price at which the system accepts the offer. The author recommends from his own experience but rather the service Hotwire, which is simpler, the hotel equipment is better defined and everything is faster. Both services are especially useful where hotel prices are generally high. Conversely, most beach destinations in Europe cover both services only weakly or not at all.