A famous man once quoted, “Superstition is the death of a thinking mind!”. They are irrational beliefs that blur our vision. It deviates us from reality and makes us lay all our faith on illogical facts. When it comes to casino games, each one has several superstitions attached to it. Since all these games are primarily based on fortune, people easily believe these superstitions. Roulette is one such casino game that has numerous superstitions attached to it.


However, if one wishes to master roulette, they need to clear their mind first. Some superstitions only add fuel to the fire and we need to extinguish them from our minds.

Lucky Numbers

To begin with, let us talk about the most religiously followed superstition in roulette- Numerology. People in all parts of the world follow numerology. They believe certain numbers to bring good fortune to them. These numbers vary for everyone. If something good happens to someone on a particular date, they start considering it to be lucky for them. For instance, Chinese people consider numbers like 0,6,8,9 to bring good luck to them. People tend to use this numerology belief even at the roulette tables. The reality is that this superstition can help them at that table. The logic behind is that wagering on a particular number consistently has a greater probability of hitting the charts rather than wagering on a random number every time. And if the number is lucky for them, it would help them beat the house